Advertise Your Product With Stunning Product Photography

Product photoshoot is the commercial photography division, which deals with the representation of any commercial product to customers more attractively and accurately. Product Photography in Dubai has a lot of brochures or catalogue applications. In addition, various forms of product photography are also used to sell or promote a product or service, and even some product images are also used in advertising a product or service.

product photo shoot

Product photo images are usually taken using a digital camera where the images taken are directly imported into a computer or using old-fashioned films and develop techniques to arrange the final layout and design. Even the price of photography varies greatly mainly due to several factors, such as the level of expertise of the photographer, customer preferences, etc.

Purpose of photography

  • To represent the product in good lighting without identifiable reflections or severe shadows
  • To shoot a series of products in an instant, one by one, keeping light and shadows consistent
  • To characterize a product without distortion

Basic photography requirements

Today, the product photography is in great demand and is therefore ideal for exhibiting items to promote, advertise or sell. Some basic requirements are included as follows.

  • At least two or three better light sources, which may be corrected blink-free colour LED strips, lamp holders, remote dimmers, etc.
  • Lightbox, which can be optional
  • Bright white poster paper, clean, transparent or solid coloured background
  • 18-20% grey card for perfecting white background
  • Efficient workspace or table
  • The transparent paper includes tracing paper, white tissue paper, white umbrellas, or wax paper.
  • Image editing programs, such as Lightroom, Photoshop, or Gimp