Automatic Identification System For Sailboats and Yachts

As more of these AIS products for sailboats and boats come in the market, I thought about what may be best for you and your requirements for your sailboat. Like GPS, when that technology first entered the market, it was slow to be taken over by recreational boats, and it was fully embraced by the sailing community many years ago. 

At the time, I believe, this was partly due to the general unreliability of its predecessor, Satnav, and it took some time for people to understand that GPS was not the same constant and much more reliable and accurate. For more information about the automatic identification system, you can check here now.

automatic identification system

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The other main advantage of the GPS system was that the position of ships was continuously shown, as opposed to an update every four or twelve hours. As an example of the evolution of GPS, I remember the first time I settled on an ARC (Atlantic Rally for Cruiser) in this fleet of 130 boats. 

Just twenty or so many ships had GPS units installed, and of those, most were receivers only, just gave long data and nothing else. Since then, the proliferation of units, both hard-wired and hand-held, has been amazing in cost reduction as well, which in turn has made them affordable for all boats.

AIS systems for the sailing community are currently undergoing a similar approval time. Already, more and more units are coming to the market and prices are also slowly decreasing, to the point where only a basic AIS that gets a unit can be purchased for around $ 400.