Business Flyers: Call-to-action Makes All the Difference

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If you are considering to get flyers and posters printed for your business, do not forget to include call-to-action as a part of the flyer or the poster content. A call-to-action phrase or statement should be one of the highlights of your flyer. Also, remember to position it on the flyer at a place such that it is easily visible and apparent for the readers. Ideally, call-to-action should come after you have given all your product features, services information, event details, etc.

Call-to-action is added to tell readers what they should do after reading through your pamphlet, flyer, or your poster. You might refer them to a website, give a contact number to connect with you, or simply ask them to order for your product or services. If your business has a brick-and-mortar store, you may also ask them to visit your store. Alternatively, if yours is a digital product, you may ask them to avail of the trial offer. Similarly, if the pamphlet is used for the purpose of event promotion, you should give details of the venue, date, and time. Therefore, you may add a similar kind of “action words” as per your business requirement.

In addition to this, if you are a physical business, you must include the directions to your store for the convenience of your customers. Though it’s an age of using Google maps, you should include a not-to-be-scaled map to your business location. Brisbane Printers can suggest innovative ways of including a map on your flyers.