Buying Puerto Vallarta Real Estate

The main driver of the Puerto Vallarta Real Estate market is tourism magnetism. Every year tourists from the US, Canada, Europe and other parts of the world flock to the beaches of Puerto Vallarta.

Even though ordinary people might think to avoid investing in the property market, smart investors argue that this is the best time to buy property in Puerto Vallarta.

Now, you might tend to ask why that is? The reason is many. The world is still in recession with a large economy still struggling with the fall of the real estate market.

Mexico got a lot of negative press that were unreasonable because of the warning of the trip of swine flu. Are you wondering how to buy a home in Mexico? The most basic step is to Google it.

These factors have reduced demand and prices to historic lows. As everyone who knows the real estate of Puerto Vallarta and Mexico knows, this is only a temporary cyclical decline, and the inherent strength of the property market in Mexico. Keep in mind that as soon as the economic news recovers, the price drops will soar. So don't wait for new lows.

To increase investor confidence, the Mexican government recently announced the "Vive Mexico" initiative.

This initiative is intended for the Tourism industry which means that any trend of increasing tourist inflows will have many spinoffs. First of all Mexico will benefit directly and then the local economy will rise again.