Cancer Treatment Risks and After Effects

Fight cancer and heal it yourself is a winning battle! When you start the new phase of your life, understand the risks and side effects of the care you have taken for care. This will help you deal with expected or unexpected side effects that you can observe later on. These side effects can be in the form of physical side effects or social and emotional side effects.

Let's look at the most common side effects of cancer treatment so you are very conscious and can overcome them when they attack.


The most common cancer victims complain about fatigue. This is generally caused by treatment treatment and procedures used. They make you feel tired and no matter how much you sleep, you feel his exhaustion. If you experience excessive fatigue, make sure you contact your doctor. You will be recommended several sports and relaxation skills. You can explore understanding the thorough knowledge about cancer treatment.

Secondary cancer

For all cancer patients, there is always the possibility of cancer that occurs again. There is also the possibility of patients who develop secondary cancer. This can arise from the treatment of original cancer.

Dental problems.

Chemotherapy has a negative impact on teeth enamel. This introduces long-term dental problems. High-dose radiation can change the development of the teeth and develop gum disease. Teeth decay and gear loss are other general risks. Some serious side effects also include pain or ulcer in the mouth.