Choose your Shaman Carefully

If you are traveling to some country to try ayahuasca, warned that it was becoming quite a business there.

In all the countries that connect to the Amazon basin, and especially in Peru, the inclusion of Western curiosity over recent decades has attracted a lot of indigenous people to this new, budding branch of the tourism industry.

Different retreat centers have different ayahuasca retreat and ceremonial cost. You can check online about the cost of the center that you want to join.

Some of them do not have the proper training, which prepares them to perform the ceremony and give them knowledge on how to prepare the drink. Moreover, some have a problem with alcohol abuse.

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There are many possible scenarios quack failed to successfully manage the ceremonial hall: allows individuals to interfere with the collective, not helped by the psychological pressure or attention to physical problems, or simply retreat to their homes and leave the participants to fend for themselves.

Death and even murder have occurred during the ceremony without proper guidance. All this is to say, pure ayahuasca poses no danger.

It is important to have complete confidence in the people who will guide your ceremony. Be sure to talk with them ahead of time and verify the legitimacy and their experiences. If possible, spend time with them before the session to make sure you feel comfortable and secure in their presence