Customer Service Basics For Florists

Not every bouquet sent means someone has fallen in love or has otherwise experienced something momentous… but most flower purchases are still very personal. Or, at least, they should be.

Customers should be able to wander real or virtual store aisles filled with colorful, unique floral creations, searching for the perfect arrangement for that special someone, and then deal with a real person, a local florist, when they place their order.

Not an impersonal wire-service middleman. After all, it's the floral designer's personal touch that gives a bouquet its compelling beauty.

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Once we settle our local florists into our floral marketplace, we step out of the way. Each customer chooses their own florist and deals with them directly, which gives both the buyer and the florist the ability to build relationships, bringing some of the magic back into sending flowers online.

An ability that simply is not available with the wire-services. Of course, now that you are taking direct orders from your customers online, you'll want to have good customer service policies in place, to help you build up your online clientele.

No need to worry, though, if you are a little rusty! Here are a few customer service basics that you can use as reminders. And don't forget to look through the other articles in this section for a more in-depth discussion!