Depression Creeps Into Our Lives Unnoticed But It Is Treatable

Depression is “a state of low mood or aversion to activity that can affect a person’s thoughts, behaviour, feelings and physical well-being”. Statistics show that almost 15 million adults including men and women from a wide range of age bracket suffer from depression.

It is also very unfortunate that only 1/3rd of such people receive treatment for depression. Click here to get more information regarding the best treatment for depression.

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There can be several reasons behind it like:

a) The inability of the concerned person to identify the symptoms of depression,

b) Inability to afford treatment for depression,

c) Inability to accept the fact that he/she is a mental patient and needs medical help etc

To avoid a situation where the negligence of patients can worsen the state of depression lets us have a quick look at the symptoms of depression

Symptoms of depression:

  • The feeling of sadness all the time
  • Inability to concentrate
  • Sudden changes in appetite which may result in loss or gain of weight
  • Inability to gain pleasure from activities one used to enjoy previously, like sports etc It might also mean withdrawal from such activities
  • Change in the number of hours of sleep either an increase or decrease in it
  • Extreme cases of depression can result in suicidal or self-destruction tendencies
  • Inability to see the positive side of things
  • Lack of energy in carrying out day to day activities
  • Constant feeling of guilt or self-hatred
  • Frequents spells of anger or irritation