Different Types of Wallpaper

Today's wallpaper is convenient and practical to use if you want to renovate or change the look of your wall. You can choose from a variety of widths (18 to 27 inches) of wallpaper on the market.

All wallpaper can cover an area of 36 square feet but because the walls also have different sizes, some parts of the wallpaper are cut so that one sheet of paper usually ends with a wall area of about 30 square feet.

At present, if you shop for Quadrille wallpapers and entire collection products, you can choose from many types of wallpaper with a broad design.

Today's wallpapers are also made of different materials depending on the type of their wallpaper. General Wallpaper is a wallpaper that requires the installer to use adhesive on the back before it can be attached to the wall. This is a classic wallpaper that adds grace and elegance to the home.

Foil wallpapers can make a small area interesting with details on the wall. This is wallpaper made with metal paper printed with various patterns.

Wallpaper Fabric made of fabric and textiles. It's hard to work with cloth wallpapers and prevent them from being tarnished.

Grasscloth wallpapers are exotic types of wall coverings because they are made of grass woven together. The area or space where it is likely to be worn is ideal for decorated with grass wallpaper.