Dos Ojos Cenote Diving- Mexico

Cave lovers will certainly find the Dos Ojos Cenote from Mexico, an amazing all-natural attraction. A cenote is rather a stunning phenomena unique to the portion of earth. 

This sinkhole is a product of this slumping of cave ceilings. Because of this, it will become an opening into the underground rivers, which would be the sole kind of springs and rivers in Northern Yucatan.

Cenotes, finally, became the sole water supply for the Mayan culture. Therefore, the people today believe them holy spots. Perhaps the most obvious cenote in the area is the Dos Ojos Cenote (two eyes). 

It earned its term due to both rivers which combine in a huge underwater cenote. It's estimated to be over 415 meters deep. You can get the dos ojos cenote diving experience via

dos ojos cenote diving

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This cenote is located 13 km north of the town of Tulum, just a kilometer south of Xel Ha. The dirt road, which extends 4 km off Highway 307 contributes to the entry of the cenote. This travel is an experience in itself because you may probably encounter several intriguing flora and fauna on the way.

There are just two hardwood decks which are put up in the entry that function every single river. The left side (eye) is where the sailors enter, whereas the ideal side is where more swimmers and snorkelers go. Cenote Dos Ojos welcomes people with its own large cave network, which includes large columns and very clear water.