Good Used Cheap Cars

For many people, it is not possible to buy a new vehicle, and even some that are used have an outrageous price tag. What we really want is a good used cheap car. Then why are they so hard to find? Actually, they are not hard to find at all, you just need to know where to get them.

Automatic auction is where many car dealers buy their inventory up to 90 percent of the book value and you can also buy it. Each state has many direct publicly available auctions to attend and buy vehicles.

They are located in several cities in each state, so you should be able to find one near where you live. Types of auctions include sales of fleet liquidation, local police auctions, DEA repossession sales, and government surplus auctions.

Car suspension can be purchased very cheaply because they have been taken over because of default or they can also become government surplus vehicles.

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These come from many sources including federal and state governments, police departments, universities, hospitals, non-profit organizations and more.

Government vehicles are well cared for, will have low mileage, will rarely be more than two to three years old and will have a complete logbook with service history.

These cars, trucks, and SUVs have clean titles and thousands of cars are added every week, so there is never a shortage of supply. All brands and models can be found, from the economy to luxury and offer on several vehicles starting at just one hundred dollars.