Guide To Buying Cannabis Seeds & Saving Money In Los Angles

Buying and growing your own cannabis seeds has become the normal way for many people to become self-sufficient in their medical/recreational cannabis supply. Once you have bought a grow them with the necessary equipment, growing your own cannabis can be done for a fraction of the price of cannabis plant clones & seeds bought in the dispensaries, coffee shops or social clubs.

marijuana seeds online
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The biggest cost for indoor growers is usually electricity and the nutrients. Cannabis seeds, even the best quality cannabis seeds, can often be bought for around €5-€12 per seed.

Each feminised seed can produce a plant with buds worth several hundred €/$/£s. You can save a lot of money buying cannabis seeds and growing your own.

Buying cannabis seeds online
Many growers use a local head shop, or specialist cannabis seed shop to get their seeds. You can also buy your cannabis seeds online directly from the breeders’ website.

The tricky part is choosing high quality genetics which will perform well in your particular grow environment. Connoisseur cannabis growers will know precisely whether they want THC rich or CBD rich cannabis seeds. They will know whether they want the genetics in the form of autoflowering seeds or photoperiod feminised seeds.

Money-saving tips when buying cannabis seeds
If you are a serious grower who buys a lot of cannabis seeds, then it makes sense to look out for the bargains without compromising your high-quality genetic principles.

These can present some real bargains to the buyer who doesn’t mind splashing the cash with a spur-of-the-moment purchase. Just make sure that the cannabis seeds have quality genetics and will work well in your grow room.

You don’t want to get a bargain purchase of stretchy, tall sativa plants if you are growing indoors in a tent which is just 1m tall.

Another option for bargain hunters looking for cheap cannabis seeds is to check the websites of the high-quality vendors for occasional special offers. This way you can get high quality genetics often with a hefty discount.