How Important Is Employee Engagement To Your Business?

The term Employee Engagement is a business management concept that is used to describe how "engaged" a noticeably employee in an organization, their commitment to the organization and how satisfied they are in their roles.

However, I believe that the term "Employee Engagement" does not only refer to how employees feel, but also a reference to how the employer deals with employees. To know more about Employee engagement you can also visit

I usually would encourage entrepreneurs think of their employees as a 'colleague' for promoting the ethos of involvement in a company or organization, but for the purposes of this article I will abide by the terms "Employer" and "employees" for ease of reference.

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There has long been a direct correlation between EE and retention. Business owners and entrepreneurs have realized that in order to retain staff, they need to measure and determine the level of satisfaction of employees in their organization.

As well as from a financial standpoint, the business also became more aware that the use of EE in their organization has a number of valuable advantages, such as retaining talent within the company, increase customer retention rate and a better level of customer service.

Using EE can also positively affect the level of productivity and can even reduce absenteeism, making the employees tend to call in sick at the drop of a hat. These are all examples of very positive results that can be achieved when the company decided to place greater emphasis on the importance of EE.

However, in recent years our world has seen many changes and, in particular, the recession that has hit businesses of all shapes and sizes.

This has led to reduced staffing levels and more stress as employers and employees struggle to survive in what can only be described as challenging conditions over the last few years.