How Powerful Is LinkedIn For Your Business?

With 175 Million users currently on LinkedIn and that number projected to rise to over 200 Million within the next 2 years and the projected average salary currently standing at $107,000 can you afford to miss out on the opportunity that it offers?

It is estimated that over 45% of the people on LinkedIn are Business Owners, Managing Directors, CEO's or senior decision makers! How do you get in touch with those people and get them to see you as the expert in your field? How do you turn those people from users on LinkedIn to leads then to clients?

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The truth is that many people seem to use LinkedIn as a social media another platform, another Facebook or Twitter; they do not use it optimally generate leads, clients and therefore increase sales. Is that you? Or do you want to speed up your sales with this marvelous opportunity?

Of course, the key is to make your online persona that shows you as the leader in the relevant industry, to reliable sources, an expert. LinkedIn will let you join up to 50 groups discussions so that you can take part in the discussion, initiate relevant discussions and through the comments you build your professional persona.

However, there is no better way to do this than to make your own groups and get people to join. This then gives you control over what is covered and allows you to send an email to the group as if it where your own email list.