How Savvy Are You As An Insurance Consumer?

Find out using this quick list to explore or measure your potential insurance discounts. It is also the knowledge that you and your insurance agent need to reduce the savings rate:

Double duty – Do not neglect the most common discounts available: multiple policy discounts. When the same company insures your home and car, you can probably reduce your insurance costs by 10 to 15 percent. If you are looking for the professional insurance companies, then you can browse sites like

New house, new owner? The same criteria used to qualify your home for a specific mortgage is often the same who qualifies your discount policy.

Living in a gated community? Then you may be eligible for discounts. Be sure to ask for car insurance discounts if your car is also "protected" to boot.

Savings on the roof – Some insurance companies offer discounts on the hail-resistant roof roofs for Class. Of course, these credits can vary according to locale. Also, be sure to ask your insurer about potential discounts before putting a new roof on your house.

you'll probably want to make capture savings if available and a roofless guarantee flat roof may disqualify you your current coverage altogether.

A new policyholder – You can find additional savings extended to new customers based on the new rating models that offer a discount "sign up". If your insurance covers this discount your insurance agent might be able to capture it by applying a new policy with the same company.

Risk reduction – Ask your agent to identify risk mitigation discounts to face a series of internal and external factors: fire alarms and smoke, electrical wiring, chimney / fireplace safety, heating apparatus, burglar alarms, sidewalk and gutter system and landscaping elements. The proximity of a hydrant and the fire department in your community is also applicable.