How To Setup Ex7000 As A Wireless Range Extender?

You can configure the Ex7000 on the existing network as a range extender to enhance the signal strength of the existing wireless network.

Steps to setup the range extender are:

  • Connect the computer to the extender via wired or wireless connection. For wired connection, you can use Ethernet cable and for a wireless connection, use the network provided SSID and the password.
  • Once the device is successfully connected, you will find the green light on the panel
  • Launch a web browser like Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox on the computer.
  • Enter the www Mywifiext net setup page in the address bar and press ‘Enter’.
  • Go to the ‘New Extender setup’ option. In case, then not working, then you can enter the IP address of your range extender.
  • Press ‘Next’.
  • Select the Wi-Fi range extender.
  • You need to now select the wi-fi network you wish to enhance the limit for.
  • Tap ‘Next’. If there is no 5GHz support on your router, then uncheck the box given next to this frequency.
  • Enter the SSID and the password to connect to it.
  • If you want you can alter the SSID or the password of your range extender. If you want to keep it as it is, then click on ‘Continue as it is’ option and proceed further.
  • Click ‘Save’ to save the settings.
  • Now the device connection has been properly established and you can check the same by connecting the wireless devices to the extender’s SSID.
  • Press ‘Continue’.

Enter the information in the registration form to access other features or support for the product. If you want to get notifications for the latest updates, then you must enter the information in the form and submit it online.

  • Click ‘Finish’. If you have already registered the device, then no need to register it again.

Your Extender 7000 is now configured as a range extender. You can connect the network devices either wirelessly or wired through the Ethernet ports given at the back of the panel. You can connect desktop, smart TV and gaming consoles to the Ethernet port with the help of Ethernet cable. For any further support or assistance, feel free to contact the experts available 24×7.