How To Stop Thumb Sucking In Kids?

Almost all babies suck their thumbs. And almost all of them do away with this habit as they grow up. However, exceptions are always there, and there is no exception in that. After a certain age if your kid still continues to suck their thumb, it is not a good thing. You got to get them rid of this habit, the sooner the better.

Lets us discuss the WHENs and WHYs of being concerned about your child’s thumb sucking and the HOWs of correcting it- You can also purchase thumb sucking device via

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You’ll be surprised to know that some babies develop this habit when in the womb itself. While for most, it is an alternative to sucking on a bottle. For kids sucking their thumb is a way of relaxing and passing on their time.

So what should you do?

Keep your hands busy idle:

If you keep your hand's busy child, they will not make it to his mouth. The reason, many times children begin to suck their thumb out of boredom alone.

Keep your child stress-free:

If the remnants of stress or anxiety may also be the cause that he was unable to break the habit of sucking her thumb. So observe the environment, and see if things at home or school do not interfere with them somehow.

Use home remedies:

If need be, you can use some home remedies like applying some bitter-gourd juice over his thumb, or vinegar, that stops him from sucking the thumb. But don’t go overboard with this measure.