Ibogaine Therapy: Break Your Chain Of Addiction

A drug addict is not only ruining his life but also brought suffering to their families. Ibogaine Detox Treatment – Ibogaine Programs for Addiction has made a living, healthy life free of drugs. This detoxification process helps in curing almost all drug addiction.

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Ibogaine is a natural alkaloid obtained from the Iboga plant found in Africa. The root bark is used to extract ibogaine from the factory. Various unique characteristics of these plants make it a popular topic of research in the scientific community over the last four decades. 

Ibogaine therapy involves:

Firstly baseline test like blood pressure, temperature, pulse rate etc are done and the patient is told to fill a consent form which is very important.

• A test dose is given to the patient at first to check for any possible form of allergy

• If the patient does not show any adverse reaction to the test dose, only then a full dose is administered and further treatment is carried out

These steps are common to all the different clinics but may change but the basics remain the same throughout the treatment.

Addiction attacks the brain's pleasure centre and creates an imbalance of dopamine pathways. Ibogaine reverses this effect and brings the brain to a state of normal unchanged. 

Once it reaches the focus now shifts to the relevant aspects of psychology which brings patients from the trauma he experienced during the time he was addicted.