Introduction To Types Of Ovarian Cancer

There are more than thirty types of ovarian cancer. Each of them which are classified on the basis of the cell from which they initiate.  You can get more information about types of cancer by searching the internet.

In general cancerous ovarian tumors start from three common types of cells. These cells are as follows:

1) Surface Epithelium Cells: These are the cells that cover the outer lining of the ovaries.

2) Germ Cells: These are the cells that are destined to form eggs.

3) Stromal Cells: These are the cells that release hormones and connect the different structures of the ovaries.

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Some Common Cancers Caused in cells discussed above are as follows:

1) Epithelial Tumor- Epithelial ovarian tumors develop from the surface epithelium cells. Most epithelial ovarian tumors are benign (i.e. noncancerous). It is the most common and most dangerous of all types of ovarian cancers, accounting for 85 to 90 percent of all cancers of the ovaries.

2) Germ Cell Tumors – Ovarian germ cell tumors develop from the cells that produce the ova or eggs.

3) Stromal Tumors – Ovarian stromal tumors are a rare class of tumors that develop from connective tissue cells that hold the ovary together and those that produce the female hormones, estrogen, and progesterone.

4) Primary Peritoneal Carcinoma – The removal of one's ovaries eliminates the risk for ovarian cancer, but not the risk for a less common cancer called Primary Peritoneal Carcinoma.