Kids Hand Aid For Avid Thumb Suckers

This is really a difficult task to get your child to stop sucking her thumb. You may have tried different home remedies, but the avid thumb sucker needs a little more to stop the habit. 

It only took 21 days for kids to grow their necessity on thumb-sucking, but it takes days and months of continuous efforts to make them stop thumb-sucking. There are many other thumb sucking devices that can be effective to break the habit. To know about those thumb sucking appliances visit

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Many products lurk in the market, claiming to be the best medicine thumb sucking; but most of them tend to restrict the use of hands or cause other difficulties. But there is a cure for finger sucking habit – Children HandAid.

Children Handmaid does not use chemicals that are potentially harmful to stop your child from sucking. He is completely safe for children, and not as many drugs as thumb sucking out there, this one is known to actually work. 

Basically Handmaid's thumb guard that comes with the strip aversion behavior. Even the most stubborn finger suckers were observed to quit the habit within 30-66 days!

So when is the right time to break the habit? Well, the correct answer is ASAP. But ideally speaking, it is best to take the steps necessary when your child is within 15-30 months. 

Generally, at this age, children have a short attention span, and they will give up the habit fast. Also, stopping the habit of finger sucking your child at an early stage of life will prevent the possibility of irreparable damage to the alignment of the teeth.