Multivitamin Supplementation For Children

Children need more vitamins than adults. Fantastic health based on energy consumption starts from the very first moments of our presence and lasts a lifetime. Development of teeth, bones, improved memory and rapid expansion requires additional intake of vitamins and minerals.

There are deficiencies, with numerous consequences like sequelae of rickets, weak immune system, chronic fatigue, etc., all influencing the growth and development of children. If you want to get more information about “children vitamins”(it is also known as laste vitamiinid in the Estonian language), visit

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A suitable diet ensures normal and harmonious development of body, growing health, immunity of environmental aspects, intellectual and physical ability, and increased longevity forward. Baby alimentation is far from perfect though this age requires a reasonable and proper food intake. 

In the event of insufficient food consumption, qualitative and quantitative, there's a risk that the body doesn't get the vitamins and minerals necessary for optimal development and regeneration. 

Important imbalances may cause significant problems in the growth and normal development of children and can affect greatly future adult health. Additionally, external factors (anxiety, artificial light, environmental pollution, ionizing radiation, food preservatives, medications, etc.) increase vitamin needs for developing bodies. 

The major aim of alimentation is to eliminate hunger and to ensure the expulsion of vitamins, minerals, and mineral salts necessary for optimum body functioning.  Our kids are very active and should pay particular attention to the healthy development of bones which underlies the locomotor status in adulthood. 

Also, physical and psychological health allows him to possess greater results in college and a higher probability of integration in a contemporary society dominated by the aggressive spirit. It's suggested to offer our kids all year round modern multivitamins containing vitamin D, to be certain that we have created the best physical and psychological development for them.