Optimize The Whole Dismissal Process

When we built QManager, we automated the entire dismissal process for schools and camps, and we did it one by one:

  • So let's look at various leverage points during school dismissals:
  • Children leave their classrooms and wait in the lobby area.
  • When parents arrive, they sign their child on the clipboard.
  • Staff and teachers bring children to parents (either at the reception desk or to their car).

With the invention of school management software, first, we built iPad apps that only replaced paper and clipboards. Instead of signing on paper, parents sign on the iPad. No more paper taking and signatures that happen faster because parents don't need to type their names and timestamps, the iPad does it for them.

Second, our customers want to see how we can give parents the choice to stay in the car and sign. So, we built a smartphone application that allows parents to register for their children from the comfort of their car!

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Then we handle the entrance to the school! Because parents have registered on their smartphone, we show their location at the entrance to the school staff on the iPad. In this way they bring the children out in the right order and take them directly to the car. Some schools put large monitors in the lobby that show this list. This also eliminates the need for walkie-talkies and screaming in lobby noise.