Qmanager – Perfect For Safe Dismissal

Because QManager capture time stamps when the children come to school and have a daily attendance reports are generated automatically from the portal. School staff can also generate reports in time to see who took the children last month or last year. You can find School Safety Platform online.

These reports can then be printed or exported to the needs of the State and examination of prisoners, etc.

Now we create a report that will help the school calculates activities and fill in the correct amounts to parents.

Another report that we will be able to generate direct verification of all children in school.

This report can then be used for field activities, emergency training, etc. The demand for this report comes from one of our customers. So yes, we made a special report for our customers!


Schools utilize Digital Sign In-Out to find software to process the proper dismissal. You can find easy to Implement Solution Stop online.

Here is the latest report available to the school, after school programs and camps:

– Present

– Not present

– Activity Tracker (this is a feature of the report)

So, these are some of the details you can use the software stops. Always remember to be careful when choosing the dismissal process.