Residential Solar Panels are the New Choices for Homeowners

Now that competition in the solar panel industry has increased and costs decreased, there are more options than ever for those who are seriously thinking of solarizing their homes. Are you looking to run your entire household using solar power or just want to use solar energy to power one or two tools, there is a solar installation available that suit your needs.

What Solar Panel, Anyway?

The solar panels that you often see on the roof of the house and other buildings consist of many individual photovoltaic cells arranged together to create the panel. The materials in these cells are made of silicon and each PV cell is a mini-semiconductor. You can buy solar panels for homes from various web sources.

Type of Solar Panel

Silicon photovoltaic panels are the most popular and the most efficient. With efficiency comes a higher price, however, and some homeowners switching to a new flexible panel on the market today. Because these panels are thinner than their rigid cousins, they're cheaper and, not surprisingly, are less efficient.

They can be used in situations that do not fit a rigid panel, though, and solar roof shingles made of flexible panels. Anyone who is serious about delving into the solar energy market should thoroughly research the pros and cons of each type before they make a purchase.

Residential Solar Panels for Sale

Costs may be down, but the solar array is still a sizable investment. Some choose to investigate the solar panels used market, and many are pleased with the results. Those in the know suggest some caveats, however. Panel manufactured before 2005 is much more efficient than newer models, and is very sensitive to shading.