Steps To Organizing Online VAT Return Filing Using Accounting Software

To file a VAT return online you need to register with HMRC online services. Simply go to their website and sign up. You'll need some details like your VAT registration number and zip code of your primary business location. Follow the instructions and enter all the information as requested.

At this stage, you can also apply to receive an email reminder to tell you when you return at maturity. This reminder is free and they will help you save penalties arising from the late filing of VAT refund.

Various companies provide tax advisory service to small and medium-sized businesses representing a range of commercial sectors and segments.


After registering you can start submitting VAT returns without waiting for your activation pin. Activation pin sent through your postal address.

The activation code is important for other functions such as updating the VAT registration, so once you receive it you have to use it immediately because it can only be used for 30 days (correct at time of writing). If not used within 30 days then you have to apply again to receive a new one.

You will need some accounting software that you can use to send the data directly to HMRC. Now there are a number of these programs around.

You should be able to trial a free package for a short time to ensure that you liked it and that it would be suitable for your small company. On the HMRC website, you can find a list of all current programs with this facility.