Summary of Screen Printing

Screen printing is a fast and trouble-free technique to apply special designs on clothing or fabric that is required. With the latest trends in the fashion industry, customized printing has become very popular.

When it comes to T-shirts and clothing for teenagers today, stencil able to cater and satisfy every client. It is possible to decorate shirts and T-shirts with the use of bright and colorful prints and designs.

This provides an interesting and attractive appearance to the garment. This is the most effective method to attract more customers. You can find a screen printing company from Custom Tees.

When it comes to printing Screens, T-shirts and shirts are the right choices. Companies can market their products and services using screen printing because they are economical and can be advertised to a larger audience. Screen printing is the best choice when it comes to designing clothes.

When the shirt screen printed, copied certain designs on clothing using special and specific inks. This is done by using a stencil. By placing a stencil on the clothes, the ink is poured into the blocked section of the stencil, which forms a particular design or pattern.

Wood and metal frames are used. To design a more refined, silky smooth impermeable normally used. Plastic and webbed gauze screen also other materials used. The design is then applied to the screen with a good coating with ink or paint.

A water-soluble rubber coated on the screen. Oily areas do not stick to the gums and gum will drift greasy. The equivalent area with the silk-resistant ink. The screen can then be decorated by applying ink using a rubber squeegee.

The ink is then poured onto the surface before and designs formed. Rubber, wood, metal, glass, paper, and textile fabrics can be used. They are the most common surface used for screen printing.