Sunflower Oil Is the Best for Cooking

One of the distinctive features of many different cuisines is fried foods. But with modern medicine's emphasis on heart-healthy meals, frying foods in oil can be questionable. So what is the best oil for cooking decadent foods? Many consumers are concerned about their intake of trans fats and the dangers of diets high in hydrogenated oils.

When scanning supermarket shelves, there are several different types of oils to choose from. It can be quite confusing for customers who want to find the healthiest cooking oil. Of the myriad of options, sunflower oil stands out as one of the best cooking oils.

The main reason why consumers choose Cold pressed sunflower oil is that it does not contain saturated or trans fat. That translates to a diet that is better for the heart and blood vessels. It can be used as an ingredient to lightly season a salad or pasta dish.

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As a primary choice for frying oil, cooks find sunflower oil to deep fry foods that are light and crisp and lack the heavier fatty flavor that oils have.  Fortunately, most grocery stores deal with a good supplier, and consumers can easily find them on supermarket shelves. This oil is also comparable in price to competing for cooking oils.

Also, pressed sunflower oil is an excellent source of baking grease. It can be used in any baked product that requires butter or oil. For every cup of butter, margarine, or oil required in a recipe, the cook can substitute three-quarters of a cup of this wonderful oil. Whether cakes, pastries or bread, baked goods will be light and fluffy when cooked with this oil.