1300 Numbers – Available Routing Options in Australia

1300 numbers

The 1300 numbers are local numbers to call the rerouting rate. They redirect calls to landlines from your pre-set or mobile numbers. The main advantage of these figures is that customers that use your local rate numbers are charged only local rates irrespective of their geographical location.

So, 1300 numbers are very useful for business enterprises, educational institutions, and other organizations that need more customers to call them. 1300 number providers in Australia offer many routing and customization options for your business size, location, and type. You can select one or more destination numbers based on the location of the caller or the time calls.

You can also choose to forward to other numbers when your first choice is busy or does not answer. The main routing options you can set when configuring your numbers 1300 and may request changes later too.

Location-based routing options with 1300 numbers

Australia wide Routing (1 zone)

This option allows you to route direct all fixed telephone calls in Australia to a single destination number.

Routing Based State (8 areas)

State-based routing options to 1300 numbers direct calls from different states to meet the respective state. For example; calls made from landline numbers NSW will reach your office in NSW and Victoria state office in Victoria. This option is useful if your company has offices in more than one state.

Regional Routing (58 areas)

Calls made from different regions to your numbers in 1300 will be directed to the response point in this area by defining the routing based on the region. This is useful if your company has offices or call centers in many parts of the country. There are a total of 58 regions, for example, Sydney, Newcastle, Wollongong, and Gosford.