Public Liability Insurance Definition – Understanding Liability Insurance

A simple definition of public liability insurance is something that will protect you in the event of claims against you or your company because of damage to property, or personal injury to people, which has resulted through you carrying out your business. 

Public liability insurance will cover you against legal fees if someone decides to sue you. Instead of you having to pay out of your own pocket or your business costs, the insurance company will indemnify you against all such claims for damages. To know more about the best professional liability insurance, you can browse the web.


They will appoint lawyers to defend you in the event of a lawsuit and as you know, legal costs can be one of the biggest costs in such disputes.

Who Should Public Liability Insurance?

There is no law that makes carrying public liability insurance compulsory except on horseback is a part of your business, but this does not mean you do not need it.

If you have a business or service fees you may be charged from an accident or injury can be high and for many people who have this protection in place is just good business practice.

In some areas of work, the company will not do a deal with organizations that do not have appropriate public liability insurance in place. Communities want to know they are protected and you have to want to protect the public.