Tips to Finding a High Quality Daycare

Choose the best daycare to meet your needs! If you are not satisfied with all the daycares you have interviewed, start the process and see more options. If you have found more than one daycare center that you like and cannot decide you might want to ask the service provider whether you can come and visit during the day and just watch for a while.

Interviews – Although this step takes the longest time, this is also the most needed. Regardless of what your priority list is, you always want to go with a clean, safe and child-friendly daycare in Seattle. I suggest meeting providers after hours of child care if possible, and for bringing your child.

The provider will be able to give you full attention when he or she is not trying to care for other children at the same time, and your child's reaction to the child care environment and the provider is very important.

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Providers must be friendly, comfortable around your child, and make you feel comfortable too. During the interview, be sure to ask what their policies are about disciplines, such as their daily schedule, their teacher/child ratio, and other questions in your priority list.

Phone calls – After you short out your child care center list, call each provider to make sure they have openings. Ask some basic questions, such as costs and hours of operation. Select friendly and professional providers. Set an appointment to interview providers that you think will meet your needs.