My 3 Favorite Make-Life-Simple Apps

I believe we all want a simpler way of life. A way to balance work, life, peace, and our inner artist. Simplicity is one of the spells I have shared with me and my clients. Blending ancient wisdom with modern practice is the way of YINpreneur. By reading this article you can get the best information about best free meditation apps.

My 3 Favorite Make-Life-Simple Apps

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Evernote (free or paid, ALL devices, synchronization with the computer)

This modern app is my go to when I need to make room in my busy mind. I can work quickly but still organized in notebooks and files. It's the best of a filing cabinet and a search tool. Of note during an online webinar to use the web clipper to take a favorite design or recipe from the internet – be it full or screenshots, or send an email to Evernote.

Insight Timer (Free or Paid, All Devices)

This application is truly the best of ancient wisdom and modern practices. Imagine an application meditation singing bowls with your choice to meditate or to make a focus. Most use it for meditation, I also use this in place what many known as Pomodoro Timer – Imagine an electric clock with a sweet voice versus loud, jarring, energy drain alarm buzzer.

Notability (paid, sorry, only iOS, synchronization with the computer)

This one is my absolute favorite, go-to app. I liked it because it supports my inner entrepreneur and artist. I can make notes on the keyboard or go old-school with a stylus – and get back the feeling that writing on paper – I can even blend well in one document.