How to Cobble Together Broken Jewelry to Create Unique Pieces

It may be broken or simply lost its special place in your wardrobe. However, some pieces can be reworked and remade and given a whole new meaning. Rings, earrings, and necklaces can all be reworked into unique designs and if you’re looking to do other things with your old and broken jewelry you can add them into a totally different form of art. You can browse to get more information about it.


There are a few ways to incorporate items from other jewelry items into new rings. You can remove the backs from earrings and broaches with wire cutters before placing them into the ring form. This is tougher than necklaces and often professional jewelers have to find the right setting to make a new ring that can last. Ring repair is often the most requested service that jewelers have to work on which means they have a lot of experience in getting your ring looking the way it should. Some jewelers will even melt down existing metals and reform them based on your specifications to create a ring that is perfect for you.


Most people lose an earring fairly frequently, which means that there are plenty of single earrings lying around. Those single earrings can be put to use in many different ways. Single earrings can be used to create a unique bracelet by using an old chain and clasp. You may need to use pliers to for certain types of earrings to get the piece you want on your bracelet. Depending on the look you are trying to achieve you can just add a few earrings or add a bunch.


Necklaces are some of the easiest things to make out of broken pieces of jewelry. You can start by finding the beads and pendants you like from other pieces of jewelry and restringing them on to a new chain or wire. You will need some tools to do this but it can be done for a cheap cost to you. If you are looking at cutting anything try not to cut into anything that is plated because that would not be beneficial to the piece. Once you have the pieces you like you can start by rearranging them into a pattern that you like. Stones from rings also work to create a new design out of old jewelry. You will need some crimps and clasps to complete the piece but they are inexpensive as well.

If you are uncomfortable working with tools or do not want to go through the hassle you can find a jeweler and explain your project to them. Jewelers are great with small repairs and can do them quickly and cheaply. The Gold Cobbler in Indianapolis is an example of a store that makes a repair to broken jewelry such as repairing clasps, ornaments, and even chains.

Other art forms

Sometimes old and broken jewelry is better served as other art forms instead of something that you wear. Old rings, broaches, pins, and pieces of necklaces can all be used to add to a boring, bland picture frame. The same pieces can be used to create a mosaic that can be displayed by itself or even as a countertop.

Just because a piece of jewelry is broken does not mean that it is not without use. Broken rings, earrings, and necklaces can all be reworked into other forms of jewelry. You can do this with some common tools around the house or by visiting a jeweler for the best results. Not only can broken jewelry be reworked into new jewelry but it can also serve in other art forms. Just because something is broken doesn’t mean there is not value in it.