How To Effectively Clean Your Chimney

Chimneys are quite a classy way to keep the entire home warm during the freezing points of winter season. This also provides a great additional ambiance as you sit next to it while sipping your warm tea or hot cocoa with a comfy sweater on. That sure feels a lot cozy but as nice as it may feel, this could as well give you way too much trouble when taking care of the cleaning. And that need right there would lead you calling chimney cleaning in CT.

Chimneys basically are quite prone to having soot accumulation as well as creosote. If these are only dirt then you could probably live with it a little longer and clean them when you get the chance but it is more than that. These particles are sticky and more importantly highly flammable.

For your information, these things are duly one of the biggest reason why chimney fires happen and occurs. Imagine leaving all those build up right where they are and the next thing you know when you light up the chimney is that it is burning through your walls which is seriously dangerous.

That is the very reason why you need a professional who could look into this and possibly remove every tiny bit of soot accumulation right there. However, maintaining such service appointment could cost you financially so it can be considered as a drawback too. With that, you should as well learn how to get rid of these on your own.

So first things first, prepare all the necessary cleaning supplies. You could search about these stuff if you are not that familiar with how they look but to sum it all up, you will be needing a chimney brush, extension pipes to extend the brush length if there is a need, a drop cloth, broom, and a dustpan. For your safety, you may as well want to include goggles and dust masks as you shop.

When you decide to clean on the area, do ensure to wear clothing appropriate for the task like gloves and the likes. Start with draping of drop cloth right around your fire place. You should extend it out to a part of your living room to make sure that the dirt in it will not ruin the fabrics of your furniture or give you some trouble on your carpets and so on.

Have the damper removed out of your chimney flue. And gently clean that one off through a brush with a preferably small wire. Once done, you place it on top of the drop cloth so you will not misplace it. Then proceed with the chimney cleaning. When you clean, you should always bear in mind that it is appropriate to have it cleaned from the top till you reach the bottom.

With that, there will be a need to climb on the roof. Be careful in doing so. Once you are on top, have the brush and the extension slid through the chimney hole. Scrub every angle and walls in there thoroughly through an up and down motion to make sure it will end up spotless.

Once you have covered the top parts and you are somewhat confident that it is all clean, then you can climb down of the ladder. Cleaning it from the bottom is your next step. This time use the small wire brush to do all the cleaning and do the same motion you did on top.