All about the chocolate cake

Chocolate is a very popular confectionery thought the world. It has been my favorite food since young. I prefer to use chocolate as an ingredient I started cooking.

Use only covertures chocolate if possible, because it emits a rich flavor and aroma. The price is much higher than the normal cooking chocolate because of the fat content of cocoa.

Chocolate is normally stored in a cool, dry place, but not in the refrigerator. When chocolate is stored in the refrigerator, it absorbs moisture and makes it difficult to melt during cooking. You can get more information about the chocolate vegan cake at (which is also known as torta vegana al cioccolato at” in the Italian language).

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There are several ways to melt chocolate. One way is to use the microwave oven. Simply place in a bowl microwave and melt for a few seconds, stirring to melt evenly. The other way is to place the chocolate in a bowl and boil simmering water. Continue to stir to dissolve the chocolate.

Keep an eye on the chocolate cake during baking. As the cake can be dark, prick with a skewer to check if it is cooked. If even stick cake crumbs to the skewer, it means that the cake is done. Ultimately, we want the cake is moist and not dry.