Getting A Job In Commercial Cleaning

Yeah, as someone who has had experiences in being a housekeeping attendant, we really suggest you try to look somewhere else if you were looking for a job. Not that we have any problems with dirt or anything disgusting that can be seen in a hotel room, but the constant cleaning every day is going to get you. We really do not suggest commercial cleaning in Highlands FL.

Trust us when we say that it was the worst year of our life when we were forced to work as a housekeeper in a hotel. You rarely get time to relax what with every single room needing cleaning and then the hallways have to be done the same way as well.

It was irritating and do not forget that you need to be strong enough to lift the beds because there is going to be bed making in the mix. Oh, how we hated doing the bed. It hurts the back and we would really rather just sweeping because the broom was long enough for you to just flail it around without crouching.

The bathroom too is another place we really hated cleaning. Not only is that place nasty but we absolutely despised having to kneel down just to clean the tiles or the toilet. The cleaning part was not bad.

It is just the fact that your knees are going to keep complaining because you have been standing and then crouching on repeat for the past hours and now you have to do it again? We cannot expire anymore how much we really discourage this kind of career to you if you are the type to hate movement.

But then again not everyone is like us. And true, if you are a veteran janitor or a housekeeper then reading this would probably annoying to you because it is nothing more than a kid or teen complaining about chores and such. And we agree to be honest.

But we also regret taking the course we did. We thought that if you take up the course involving Hotel Management that you would go straight to being a manager or maybe even a chef and a bartender. How fake.

You can only do that if you actually have a specification in it in your course. Other than that, you will only land as a housekeeper or a waitress and a waiter more than anything. It disappointed us and we wished we should have just taken IT because we would much rather be working on computers rather than a freaking hotel.

Whoever told us that it was a good idea to be in the HRM department was either trolling or foolishly believed it was for us. It clearly is not. And being in a cleaning business was the worst decision we have ever made. But who knows, maybe there are actually people out there who genuinely enjoyed this kind of career. Just like how we enjoyed our Bar subject and the others did not because tossing a heavy bottle in the air and catching in a fabulous way was terrifying.