Buyer’s Guide To Wardrobes

Freestanding cabinets designed to fit in a niche on average, but always check the first measurement. They will give the room a much more relaxed, individual style, while the fitted wardrobe will make the room look more sleek and formal – but it certainly gives a lot more storage space.

What you choose will depend on what style of room you are – and, most importantly, form. For example, in a room with a sloping ceiling or no obvious place for free-standing cabinets, fitted may be the only choice.

Equipped also will provide more storage space because they use every inch of space. If you must have installed but do not want them to flood the room, select a reflective, mirror or white-painted door to help them bounce light around the room. If you are looking for custom-built wardrobes, then you can also browse

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Will It Suit Your Clothes?

If your closet like having a fixed rail, check altitude before you buy. If it remains at half-height cabinets may be many shelves above, but you will not be able to hang the full length of your dress or that fancy dress.

If you both share a closet, make sure there is plenty of room for different types of clothing – for example, searching drawers, hanging space and shelves. Equally, if you both share the closet matching, ensure the company can meet the different needs of the interior. Men need less space for hanging a longer length than women but tend to need more shelves.

Is It Good Looking Enough?

Appearance is everything. The closet is the most important item of furniture in your bedroom, the bed bar, so they have to look good.