Different Divorce Tasks That Are Charged By Lawyers

Obtaining a divorce lawyer in UK can vary in price depending on your particular circumstances. The cost for a divorce lawyer will also depend on how complicated your case may be.

A divorce legal practitioner in London UK will charge customers on many different tasks, either on a flat rate basis or on an hourly basis.

The way everyone bills these items will vary, so you will need to interview each of the divorce lawyers you are looking for their individual assessment of the divorce preparation process.

• Preparation and filing of the divorce petition

• Assessment of all matrimonial and commercial assets

• Transfer of ownership

• Preparation of auxiliaries such as child support, spousal support, division of property and child custody

• Representation in court

• Negotiations with divorce lawyer of ex-spouse

• Reallocation of the deed to real estate

• Preparation of the divorce settlement

• Whenever the office staff spends to send letters, file and make phone calls related to your case

• Fees for the process server or certified mail for sending the divorce and final judgment

You should not take this information as gospel since each divorce lawyer will structure their fees differently. Some of the above items may not be necessary in your case while some divorce lawyers may even combine some of the items into one more general category.

The important thing to remember is you will definitely find that divorce lawyers use a combination of flat fee and hourly billing that is personalized for each individual client. There are no two divorces that will be exactly alike, so therefore the fees will vary.