How Correctly Utilizing PPE Can Save More Than a Life

Do you feel that the use of personal protective equipment or what is otherwise known more-commonly as PPE, is way over-rated? Then allow us here to educate you on the importance of properly worn as well as used PPE equipment.

Today we have a story that demonstrates the severity and the importance of PPE regardless of how you may presently feel about the issue. We apologize for coming at you with such voracity and iron-will in defense of PPE equipment but we want you to be safe at all times while on the construction and general industry sites throughout the nation.

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Importance of Hard Hats and Fall Protection

One of the benefits of OSHA certification is found in instructing the attendee with proper PPE requirements. As promised above we are going to spin a tale for you that will thoroughly convince you, the hard-working construction worker that wearing one of the most-recognizable as well as protective pieces of PPE equipment (hard-hat) is a decision that has no debate ever on a construction site. The availability of safety training online today has never been easier or more convenient.

OSHA Safety Training Course

This story is true and obviously has been repeated numerous times and certainly on a daily almost hourly basis at that! We still feel that in order to drive the point about how important wearing PPE equipment and wearing it correctly is that we must scare you straight. If this story does not do it then by all means keep on reading as it gets scarier as the story goes along.

We will begin with the ending and that shows Bobby the construction worker leaving the shipyard and entering his truck, all safe and sound if not worn-out from a full-day of rigging up cables on the construction site.