What Should You Know About Bicycle Accidents?

Bicycle accidents happen more often than you think. Every year in the United States around one million children are injured due to bicycle-related accidents and every six hours, fatal bicycle accidents occur.

Although not all bicycle accidents involve motor vehicles, most accidents occur. Often the driver turns or exits the driveway and bumps into the cyclist because they are not looking for him. If this happens one should look for #1 experienced bicycle accident lawyer in San Diego.

Bicycle Accidents

Accidents also occur when drivers open their car doors and crash into cyclists, often sending them into approaching traffic. Any driver who is not careful of the cyclist can easily put the cyclist in danger.

Bicycle accidents are often serious because of the lack of protection that a bicycle provides. In fact, the only protection provided by the bicycle is a reflector to help the car see the cyclist and the helmet used by the cyclist.

Cyclists do not have extra protection. It is the driver's responsibility to know the people who are riding bicycles. When a driver causes a bicycle accident, they must take responsibility for the accident.

The severity of a bicycle accident is very scary for cyclists to think about. In 2004, more than 5,000 bicycle accidents were reported in San Diego alone. 42 of them are fatal. There are many types of injuries that cyclists can suffer after an accident.