Wine Tasting – How to Taste and Sample Wine

Planning and wine tasting can be intimidating, especially if a sommelier is pouring for you and looking at you seeing as first taste, and approve or disapprove it.

Listed below are simple and effective steps to use for wine taste. These steps should be done if taking the first sip of a sommelier is the first pour, attend a formal tasting event or just enjoy a bottle at home or with friends. If you want to get complete knowledge about wines, then you can join wine classes.

The way to taste wine is to use your senses fully – look, smell and taste to appreciate wine. Tasting wine can easily be done by remembering and using these steps – see, swirl, smell, sip, swallow and taste. Keep in mind this method and you will become an expert in the tasting.

1. See – Firstly, see and notice the color and clarity of the wine.

2. Twirl – Swirl and turn the fluid around the bottom of the cup. This will help you use the aroma and let you smell.

3. Smell – Lift the glass rim to the nose and inhale. Mentally catalog or describe the fruits, flowers or smelling wood flavors.

4. Sip – Take a small sip. Swish and roll around the liquid in his mouth what he allowed to touch your tongue and all sides of the mouth.

5. Swallow – Catalog mentally or describe the taste.

6. Tasting – Wine is not intended to be worn or swallowed.

See, swirl, smell, sip, sip and savor the delicate balance of aromas and flavors of wine. Keep in mind and use these steps and get more enjoyment out of your wine.