Whale Shark Watching and Tumalog Falls Escapade in the Amazing Town of Oslob

How to get to Tumalog falls from Whale Shark Watching site?

From the whale shark watching site, you can just go to the street and look for a motorcycle to take you to the Tumalog falls. The cost for that would be just around 100 PHP ($2) and the ride won’t take that long to reach your destination. 

Quick tip: If you are traveling to Oslob to experience the whale shark and tumalog falls with your own vehicle, you cannot take your car/vehicle beyond the entrance and parking area unless you have authorization from the Oslob Municipality. 

Oslob is a municipality down South of Cebu City, it is a very famous municipality because of its tourist attractions which are Whale Shark and Tumalog falls.

tumalog falls

The Whale Sharks in Oslob is very famous due to the fact and the one of a kind experiences wherein you could swim together with the whale sharks and also you could get close but not closer since it could possibly harm the gentle giants. 

And the Tumalog falls in Oslob is also a popular tourist destination, people are flocking to Oslob to enjoy the whale sharks and to relax at Tumalog falls too. A lot of tourists who booked from a tour agency would choose the whale shark and tumalog falls package since its just within Oslob, also because it is a perfect combination, a world class experience with the whale sharks and afterwards taking a dip in the beautiful falls of Oslob.

Tumalog Falls, also called as "Toslob falls" or "Mag-ambak falls" is situated in barangay Luka, southern part of Cebu, Philippines. It takes approximately two and a half hours to get to the area from Cebu mainland.