Teeth Whitening What Solutions Are Available?

The teeth can become yellow, ivory, or gray because of our diet or some of our bad habits. Yet Hollywood stars appear to have a white and bright smile. Is it a secret injustice or is it a teeth whitening process? Indeed, there are many products available on the market or at the dentist’s.If you want to explore regarding the “beaming white official representative in Estonia”(it is also known as srav valge ametlik esindaja Eestisin the Estonian language)then, search the browser.

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Teeth whitening: how does it work?

White teeth are synonymous with good health and youth, but also a sign of beauty. Who does not dream of having a white smile? They are not reserved only to stars and everyone can show a bright smile.

Tooth whitening is a method to lighten the stains on the enamel and dentin. The doctor uses whitening means that, with prolonged contact with the teeth, bleach pigments accumulated over the years.

To go a little further in the explanation, these products are most of the time hydrogen peroxide that oxidizes the yellow or gray pigment to lighten them. And the more the application lasts, the more the tooth is white. But the most important is to have a natural white, in harmony with the whole face.

The teeth whitening products on the market

Several products are available in pharmacies for bleaching the teeth surface. They have light and fast results. 

Whitening strips are sold in pharmacies too. They are covered with a gel containing peroxide and then applied to the tooth to cover them, for half an hour. 

The result is just satisfactory unless made by a professional. The whitening gels are available in department stores or pharmacies. They are applied to the teeth by using a brush 2 times a day, for two weeks.