These are the most Common Problems of the Roof of your House


A damage to the roof is seen to be common for a lot of homes. Furthermore, if you ignore or try to install it by using cheap materials, then you are bound to spend a lot of money. One of the best ways to tackle this problem is to look at a few basic signs that tell you that your roof requires repair. Check out for these common signs for your roof.

  1. Dents to the Vent of the Roof – Some of the dents to the vent of the roof are caused by storms, animal invasion and rains. Furthermore, if ignored, the vent starts to experience wear and tear.
  2. Roof Alley Being Damaged – Leaks, use of bad quality materials, insulation that is installed poorly, improper placing of nails leads to damaging the roof alley.
  3. Gutter Problems – Gutter problem is another common problem due to sagging, clogging and leaks. You can prevent this problem by using proper caulking that seals the joints, patching the big holes and cleaning the gutter on a regular basis.
  4. Faulty Flashing – Using of cheaper materials along with poor insulation installation leads to faulty flashing. Furthermore, bad weather is also known to play a role in faulty flashing.
  5. Shingles that are Damaged – When it comes to shingles that are damaged, the main culprits are curling, fish-mouthing, cracking, cupping and blistering. Again, bad weather also has a role to play in damaging the shingles.

Try using ceiling insulation batts for your roof for repairing.