Tips For Buying Solid Oak Furniture

Buying solid oak furniture is a good investment that will last your lifetime and the lifetimes of several future generations. Despite the high price tag attached to the genuine oak items, there are several reasons for buying them.

Reasons for buying solid oak furniture

Oak is a true hardwood that brags of a long life span. The durability of the timber is primarily attributed to its extremely low moisture absorption rate and its high fungi and bug resistant power. The wood can be crafted into different shapes and patterns, commensurate with traditional as well as contemporary furniture styles.  You can also buy ‘oak panel via’ (also known as ‘eikepanel via’ in the Norwegian language) online.

Oak is native to Europe. This is perhaps the key reason why it is widely used in furniture manufacture in the western world. Although, you can find cheaper timber varieties and oak veneers, none of them can match the strength, durability, and elegance of the solid furniture.

You can easily find solid furniture for every room in your house and office. For the bedrooms, you can buy oak beds of single, double, or queen size. Bedside tables, wardrobe, and a chest of drawers can be other solid components in your bedroom.

To give the living room a graceful appearance, you can decorate it with several types of solid furniture pieces such as a coffee table, cabinets, display cabinets, tables, sideboards, lamp tables, wine rack, bookcase, CD holder and TV stand.

The solid oak dining tables and chairs will make you proud when your guests admire them when invited for dinner or lunch.

To make sure that the solid product you intend to buy is made of genuine oak, look under the furniture or inside the drawers to make sure that the item does not contain any oak veneer.