Tips for the First Time ATV Buyer

If you are considering purchasing an ATV, you must be aware that they are a considerable investment. Aside from the cost that can run from a few hundred dollars for an older model to $5,000 or more, you also have high maintain your ATV just like your car. They need oil, gas, and eventually, you will have to replace parts that are broken.

Buying an ATV isn't a decision to be taken lightly, and you must consider your needs to ascertain which ATV is ideal for you. If you are a beginner, you should begin. After you are comfortable, you can upgrade to a model. You'll also need safety gear such as a helmet, gloves, and goggles. Some accessories aren't necessary for the rider, such as winches, unless you plan on using your ATV for work purposes.

Before purchasing your ATV, think about what you want out of your ATV experience. You may choose to ride for fun, to experience the outdoors and be a part of the excitement. You might decide to use your ATV to haul things or help with work, such as plowing snow. You may realize that your ATV can be both fun and useful. The reason you're currently buying your ATV should be the deciding factor in which kind you purchase. If you would like it for pleasure, a light model with the accessories will be OK. If you would like it for work purposes, you should look into getting the accessories you need like a winch, plow, and hitch. You will also be better off going with a more heavy model that is designed for work.

The sort of engine you want on your ATV is also decided by your objective. A 2-stroke engine requires a mix of oil and gas and is a better match for riding for pleasure. There is A 4-stroke engine much better suited as a workhorse. You will also have to determine which kind of transmission you want, an automatic or manual. ATV's with an automatic transmission is more comfortable to drive like automatic cars.

If you have experience driving a manual transmission, you might prefer the control that a manual transmission offers. You can also get a semi-automatic transmission, which is a cross between the two. You can get advice on which type is best for you from the ATV dealership or online.

You will also have to decide which type of starter you want. Some ATV's have an electric start, some have a kick start, and some have a tablet computer start. While this isn't the most essential element in deciding on an ATV, it can make a difference. If you prefer the ease of use, an electric push-button start is right for you. With a kick start, you must push on a lever with your foot located on the base of your ATV.

Exactly the same way operates for a lawnmower where you pull a cord to start your ATV. You should do plenty of research before deciding and make sure to find an ATV that fits your needs.