Troubleshooting Guide For Automatic Pool Covers in Canada

Owing to the year-round salubrious weather conditions, swimming is a pleasure in Canada. With cutting edge technological innovation in the manufacture of pool cover, an automatic pool cover helps you to rest easy to secure and cover your pool.

You can also buy pool enclosures made in Canada like retractable pool covers at various online sources. Just how trouble-free are the coverings for automatic pools?

Automatic pool cover complications

After installation of automatic pool covers powered by buttons, some owners’ complaint that pool covers do not move smoothly, both ends do not move in tandem or cover material gets snagged.

These are all quickly addressed you only need to know if you want to call your company for a pool cover. You want those things to be patched until they become an even bigger problem.

No extension happening

One problem is when you push the button, nothing happens. The reasons may be:

1. One of the circuit breakers fell

2. The motor on the cover in need of service

3. Water making it heavier

4. Cover stuck to the deck surface

5. Water in the tube where the cover is rolled

If tripped reset any circuit breaker. Get rid of water by draining or sweeping it off from the top of the shell.

A rubber mat at the surface of the deck should keep the cover from sticking to the surface of the deck. Call mechanic for periodic service required for smooth motor operation.