Various Types of Overhead Cranes

Crane is a mechanical instrument needed for heavy work. This is used when large and heavy objects must be moved from one place to another. He found that the application was mostly on construction sites but could also be used for other purposes such as junkyards, used pages, factories, and other such areas. The crane consists of three main parts – hoist, wire, and sheaves.

Get to know more about hire city cranes via reading online. Overhead cranes can consist of various types according to their needs and uses. Given below are various types of cranes:

Crane Bridge

Crane bridges are mounted on metal beams that stretch along with the ceiling of a factory or warehouse room. It takes two strong beams on the side, a trolley that moves with it and carries loads and hoists, which are needed to lift and lower objects. This type of crane can be of two types.

Bridge cranes running over: This crane operates on a beam. This requires enough space above the beam to facilitate the movement of the crane. Installation must be planned because rooms need higher ceilings. This crane is stronger and can lift very heavy objects. They can be single beams (which can lift the lighter weight, up to 20 tons) or double beams (which can lift weights up to 100 tons).

Lower bridge crane running: This crane operates at the bottom of the beam. They reduce the height of available rooms. They can even be installed in factories that have been built. However, they cannot carry very heavy loads and can only carry up to 15 tons.