Weird Yet Delicious Foods to Try in Philippines


One of the reasons that make Philippines so special to visit is due to the variety of food it has to offer. Tourists are bound to enjoy trying out the local dishes of Philippines during their visit. You can enjoy spending time on the beaches or go for island hopping, you must however, take some time out to enjoy some of the best food of Philippines. If you happen to travel to Philippines, then these are some of the best food you should try.

  1. Kinilaw – For those who wish to stay in a healthy state during their holiday, consider eating Kinilaw. This is a fish salad packed with goodness and freshness. Comprising of raw fish served with lime juice and vinegar, you are bound to have enjoy this dish.
  2. Balut–A weird looking food that may look unappetizing to your eyes but locals love to have it on a daily basis. Balut is a duck embryo that is boiled first and then served with a little splash of vinegar. The served egg is at the early stage where locals love it as a snack on a daily basis.
  3. KareKare – It is nothing but an oxtail stew comprising of garlic, chilies, vegetables, peanut butter, shrimp paste and onions. You are bound to enjoy this delicious and popular dish.
  4.  Chicken Adobo – A must-have dish to try while visiting Philippines. This dish is comprised of chicken, pork, soya sauce, vinegar and local spices which is first marinated and then slowly cooked.

In order to enjoy some of these popular dishes, make sure you book affordable tour packages in the Philippines.