Which Type Of Glass Paint Should We Use?

Glass painting is a hobby that is suitable for all age groups. There are several types of glass enamels for fusing and painting. Here we will provide basic guidelines in choosing what is most suitable for your project.

Peelable Glass Cat:

Ideal for children to use, but also suitable for adults, this is probably the most simple and easy to use water-based and it is very safe. It is most suitable for making window decorations. Apply directly from the tube onto a piece of plastic. Use outliners to create the effect of led.

Hues 2 Fuse All In Complete Color Kit

When dry skin from the working surface of the plastic and a picture will only be attached to any smooth surface, for example, glass, tiles, etc. It can be removed and re-applied at a later date simply put back into a piece of plastic and store in a dark place. This makes it ideal for window decoration while for Christmas.

General Glass Cat:

This paint can be used on items that will not be washed or handled, products such as vases, ornaments hanging sun catchers, mirrors and other internal glass making it ideal for the use with common glass paint.

Type of paint comes in 2 forms, water-based or spirit-based. Water-based may be a little easier to use, but the paint is based on the spirit of giving much more vibrant colors.

Bake Oven Glass Cat:

This water-based paint used in the same way as a common paint with the exception that after the paint has dried is kept in the normal domestic oven (typically at 160c). After the fixed assets can be handled and washed.