Why Choose Naturopathic Medicine?

Naturopathic medicine is a system and philosophy of medicine that has been around for hundreds, perhaps thousands, of years. Before the advent of medicine 'conventional', which uses a variety of drugs and surgical procedures, almost every doctor learned how to use herbs, minerals, homeopathy, and other natural methods to treat disease.

Today we are blessed with better opportunities for proper nutrition, hygiene, and information about the disease, all of which reduce the threat of much more common diseases becoming life-threatening. You can get to know about naturopathic medicine in Pickering via https://theaimclinic.ca/naturopathic-medicine/

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The fascination that people had towards conventional medicine was and is understandable. Treatments that reduce symptoms of the disease are often well received by patients dealing with troublesome conditions.

Most advances in technology are viewed as progress and people want the best, especially where their health or their loved ones are concerned.

The problem that came with this flux towards conventional medicine is that it is new and nobody knows what the side effects or long-term effects of using synthetic drugs would be. Also, most people leave more natural methods of health care and stop taking care of themselves in a way that will make them strong and vital. Instead, they began using pills and surgery as 'fixes' when things go wrong.

They began eating more processed foods that have vitamins and minerals that a little more. Our environment becomes more polluted. Most doctors know little about nutrition, how or what to eat or what to do with the people affected by the environment.